Handmade Bread from Scratch – No Artificial Ingredients

At Gil’s Bread we specialize in great-tasting, handmade breads and are committed to traditional bread baking techniques. All of our bread is made by hand, from scratch. Our breads are baked daily from the finest ingredients. We use no mixes, chemical additives or preservatives. All of our flours are unbleached. We use multiple types of flour to ensure consistency in texture, size and shelf life.

Traditional Methods – Lengthy Fermentation Times

We use traditional methods and lengthy fermentation times to produce the finest quality bread. Lengthy fermentation times allow flavors to develop to their fullest. Our natural culture breads are started days before they go into the oven.

Our Breads Include

Brioche Dinner/Slider Rolls
Five-Grain Bread
French Country Loaf
Hamburger Buns
Italian Country Loaf (Pane Pugliese)

Mississippi Sourdough
New York Rye
Honey Oatmeal/Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf
Olive Bread (Pane al Olive)
Fougasse with Olives
Rosemary Bread (Panmarino)
Rustic Rye
Sourdough Sandwich Loaf
Sweet Cinnamon Bread
King Cakes


Sorry! We do not make gluten-free bread!

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