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A girl like you edwyn collins ringtone

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You (Official Video)

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Track 1: Enrique Iglesias — Hero. When I was in my final year of high school, pretty much every first year had this as their ringtone this was the era when MIDI ringtones were a thing. They would all sit on the bus showing off their ringtones on their Nokias, which is probably why I mostly walked to school that year. I never claimed to be a normal teenager. Great instrumentals, great atmosphere. Fairly pointless cover of the Frank and Nancy Sinatra classic.

Considered a Christmas song nowadays, as it was the Christmas number one for I always quite liked this track, although it became a bit overplayed when Sophie Ellis-Bextor did Strictly many years later. Musicians must have had it in for proofreaders in Very bad cover of the Bucks Fizz classic. Poor quality vocals, muddy backing track, generally pointless cover. Uninspired cover of the Dolly Parton track in Whitney Houston style.

When I get annoyed by this song, I just remember a show on afternoon TV at the time where kids were encouraged to phone in and sing along to their favourite songs. Another pleasant pop-punk tune — it reminds me of all the house parties I went to at the time. Quite like the chorus on this one — I was really annoyed when it was covered by Raye and Mr Easi as Decline a few months ago. Loved this one at the time! It was often played at Uluru, which was the pub that my mates and I frequented during my final year of high school.

Wikipedia has an interesting factoid about Now! As a result, it charted on Amazon in spring despite being out of print. Track 1: Atomic Kitten — Whole Again. Found it too cheesy at the time, still do nowadays. The first of the noughties talent show winners, which was where pop music really started to go downhill.

Awful, irritating song. Pointless cover of the Donna Summer classic. Being a tail-end-of-Christmas baby, my birthday number one is usually still whatever was number one for Christmas. Nice tune, interesting vocals, though Robbie Williams is still trying to do the Britpop thing a few years after it ended. Great, classic singalong rock track. Loved it at the time, still really like it now, with bonus amusement at the notion that a car having a CD player made it top of the range in This pop-punk classic was a bit of a soundtrack song in my teens — we always had it blasting at parties and in cars and so on.

I still quite like the track. The whole thing is a bit messy. Really like this one. Highly irritating tinkly xylophone-sounding instrumental at the start, then it launches into an uninspired tune. Nice Latin flavour — good danceable track. Still a good helping of Spanish vocals though, so I quite like it. Track 1: Spice Girls — Wannabe. At eleven, I was exactly the right age for the Spice Girls, and from the moment this first song of theirs came out, I adored them.

I bought every single and every album in HMV on the day they came out, I had every single Spice magazine still do , I had the limited edition Spice Girls Impulse body spray.

Nowadays, I find this first track pretty cringeworthy — they did much better songs later on. I still remember how much I loved it at the time, though, the summer I moved from primary school to high school. Interesting times. Pointless cover of the George Michael track.

I was never hugely keen on this one, though I quite enjoyed it when we saw them live at Beautiful Days in I adore Ocean Colour Scene they were my favourite band for quite a while in my teens and this is an absolute classic — great tune, great instrumentals, great lyrics. The two less famous members of U2 taking on the Mission: Impossible theme for the film version. Loved it at the time, find it irritating now. I must not have been hugely discerning at eleven.

The vocals are at least interesting, but I find the style irritating and a bit generic. Classic tune, quite like this one. Los Del Mar were basically a tribute band that only existed in order to cover Macarena by Los Del Rio who were themselves little more than a one-hit wonder. Maybe the Now! The rest of the track is fairly generic. A little late to the party for the Now!

Great track. That old-timey American traditional rhyme at the start is super annoying, but the song itself is an absolute classic — great tune. Loved it at the time, love it now. A quick google just now tells me it was indeed the latter, but it really does sound like the former. Beautiful track. Classic Britpop anthem. Loved this at the time, still quite like it now.

Really interesting rock song, played at every school disco circa Another classic from Pulp. Gorgeous, wistful tune. At the time, it was just too slow for me; nowadays, I find it inferior to the original. Another one off Stanley Road that I hated at the time. It still annoys me purely due to to bringing back memories of being stuck in a backseat with no escape, but I can appreciate the musicality now. Sort of. I like the upbeat vocals on the verses, and that singalong chorus is great. Great singalong tune, great theme, reminds me of hearing this played live at every Beautiful Days festival I went to between and We have a repeated artist on the same Now!

Not impressed. Found the tune irritating at the time, still find it irritating now. There are much better Lighthouse Family songs. Great tune. Great piano intro, great atmosphere. The verses are a bit saccharine, but in general I really like this one. Another one that we had on a Top Gear compilation. Dreadzone were a favourite at Beautiful Days around the time that Geth and I were going regularly, as they played there so often. Track 1: Queen — Heaven For Everyone.

Another great rock ballad from Meat Loaf. Really like this one! I remember him promoting it on Blue Peter. I mentioned in my review of the Marc Cohn original on Now!

Louise Redknapp or Nurding, as she was then starting her post-Eternal solo career. Unfortunately this is a super dull ballad, although the tune on the chorus is alright. Loathed it at the time, mixed on it now. Pretty, melancholy tune on the verses, but the chorus ruins it a bit. Love this one! Great tune, great lyrics. Found the tune annoying at the time, kind of so-so about it now.

With hindsight, though, the best song definitely won — this offering from Oasis is a bit uninspired. Beautiful tune. Mum and Dad had the Stanley Road album, so this was a regular feature of car journeys, and I absolutely loathed it at the time — it was far too serious and boring.

Dull, repetitive dance track, not keen. I really like this one — classic track. Remix of the classic song. Just awful. Super annoying vocal ticks at the start. Interesting clangy bit and a good electro line, but jarred together the track just becomes a mess.

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Excellent punning title, great pieces from Jonathan Lethem and Lucinda Williams and Glaser revisiting his poster for the cover. Watching the rather beautiful and uplifting documentary on Edwyn Collins, The Possibilities Are Endless I was struck by a couple of things. But it will never be that way again.

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Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Can anyone identify the song that plays in the following Target commercials? Found: Hamil - Feeling Golden. Crossposted to thequestionclub. Ideally sung by a man and with a driving rock beat and psychedelic guitar similar to the original? I know--I'm probably asking for toasted snow. Current Music Implicit in the topic.

Free A Girl Like You ringtone

Message Board Skip to content. Quick links. He had this insane fuzz for the lead in that tune and I've always kinda half-assed hunted that info down.

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Track 1: Enrique Iglesias — Hero. When I was in my final year of high school, pretty much every first year had this as their ringtone this was the era when MIDI ringtones were a thing. They would all sit on the bus showing off their ringtones on their Nokias, which is probably why I mostly walked to school that year.

"Edwyn Collins - Girl Like You" ...which fuzz?

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A Girl Like You 4. A Girl Like You Before 5. Girl Like You 5. Against All Odds 5. My Noisy Drum Mix 5. Hola Mishamigos 5.

A Girl Like You (Special Instrumental Versions) [Tribute To Edwyn Collins]

Episode 12 — S01E12 — TeamLucifer. Episode 11 — S01E11 — St. Episode 10 — S01E10 — Pops. Episode 04 — S01E04 — Manly Whatnots. Episode 02 — S01E02 — Lucifer, Stay.

Dec 5, - what do you think? it sounds like Superfuzz to me. Edwyn used a Barnes and Mullins Champion Fuzz - for all intents and purposes it's a MKIII.

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A Girl Like You Before - Edwyn Collins


A Girl Like You




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