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Crazy ex girlfriend nathaniel needs my help

Without it, the episode is soured by illogical character development and continued Rebecca Bunch tunnel vision. The musical number — performed, via a s karaoke machine, by the talented and underutilized Amy Hill as Lourdes Chan — is delightful. Not so much. Josh Chan has moved back in with his parents. Actually, it is really refreshing to see a Filipino couple past child-rearing age associated with sexiness.


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: Nathaniel Needs My Help! (Season 3 Episode 8)

Without it, the episode is soured by illogical character development and continued Rebecca Bunch tunnel vision. The musical number — performed, via a s karaoke machine, by the talented and underutilized Amy Hill as Lourdes Chan — is delightful. Not so much. Josh Chan has moved back in with his parents. Actually, it is really refreshing to see a Filipino couple past child-rearing age associated with sexiness. He lost his job and is unable to financially sustain himself because Rebecca Bunch framed him and ruined his reputation with cyber-slander.

Josh feels insecure and without a sense of his true identity. That is how abusers gain power and control. We see Josh Chan cast as an over-aged, sentimental mooch on this episode. This is not how we should see Josh Chan.

Through that appropriate lens, Mrs. Can you even imagine if someone said that to a woman who was fleeing her stalker? It could be that the final five episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 clear up this line of thinking. Even if they do, which I doubt more and more every episode, this episode will exist on its own. People will tune in for just this episode.

The message that this episode provides is that a person who was stalked, harassed, assaulted, and manipulated by someone is a person worth mocking and who should thank their abuser for making him see the shallowness of his life. This episode lauds the stalker and makes fun of the victim. That message is unacceptable.

I highly suggest turning on subtitles so you can catch each and every lyrical gem. George is a close second to Darryl for stand-out performance on the episode. His coffee-making song is a quick and surprisingly intimate glimpse at a character who is a welcome respite from Rebecca. He is also nailing his role — every piece of dialogue he touches sings with something special. But the character development is just not there. Where is his own mental health story?

Where is Ruth Gator Ginsberg!? There is one great mini-moment of Nathaniel development on the episode. Rebecca wonders what Nathaniel asked Santa for when he was a little boy. A little brother or sister?

Nathaniel is a complex person. The preview of the next episode makes me very hopeful that we will actually learn more about him and his abs. I will continue to hold onto my likely unpopular opinion that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend should put Nathaniel and Valencia together and begin to transition the show to a more true ensemble. Valencia is so marginalized on the second half of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3.

Case in point — why, oh why, has Dr. Akopian been replaced by Dr. What did you think of this episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Subscribe to our newsletter here! An attorney turned teacher, Janelle believes in the power of a well-told story. She is currently exploring how to tell short stories, characters or less, on twitter. Somebody else is angry about the sacrificing of Josh Chan on the altar of Rebecca Bunch!

I have seen fan after fan declare him to be the villain for leaving her at the altar, when she and her parents conspired to keep him unaware of her psychiatric history. This qualifies as grounds for annulment. Add to it that at first everyone blamed him for her suicide attempt and then held him in contempt as he blamed himself, mocking that he thought everything was about him.

Finally, as fun as the song was, it was a major continuity error. When we met him, he was living in New York. From there he got a place with Valencia, lived off-and-on with Rebecca, and was even apprehensive about moving back in with his parents when he was single.

All that did was serve to make Josh look less competent than he really is. Such great points about how Josh has never been the type of son to take advantage and over-stay his welcome! Josh Chan has been victimized, so has Valencia, and I really want to see them both vindicated and healed.

Yes, please add me to your mailing list! Skip to content. All Rights Reserved. No problem there, as Mrs. Chan is entitled to her frisky phase of life. Janelle McCammack.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Nathaniel Needs My Help!

See the full list. Title: Nathaniel Needs My Help! As such, Rebecca, in the flush of new love, wants to get to know Nathaniel better than just having him be her friend with benefits, and with that information wants to do something extra special for him in a meaningful way.

But for now, the focus definitely remains on recovery, as this episode avoids the usual trappings to zoom in on the stumbles of the four characters who are suffering the most: Rebecca, Paula, Darryl, and Josh. Josh arriving to thank Rebecca for expanding his ambitions is a particularly lovely grace note after the blowup that sent her into a downward spiral, and signals a real moment of transformation for the character. However, he needs to choose a donor egg, which presents an opportunity for Paula to use her judginess for good.

Two weeks after her trip to Buffalo, Rebecca has been spending her nights with Nathaniel at his apartment. At her therapy session with Dr. Shin he tells her to keep this in mind as she gets to know Nathaniel. As a child he was closer to the gardner Esteban than his parents although today he has a good relationship with his mom but not his father. At the law firm, Paula chooses donor H76 but the egg is unavailable.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: Nathaniel Needs My Help! (Season 3 Episode 8)

Nathaniel is the new Josh. Yes, I realize that this review is more than a week late. And now, back to the recap. Post-split with Rebecca, Josh has been somewhat lost. His old life plan—to marry Valencia, own a shave ice machine, and wear flipflops—is no longer enough for him. Poor Josh. Instead of wallowing about his breakup with White Josh who sadly is not in this episode , Darryl has decided to go full steam ahead on the baby thing. And I know that because I tracked her down and I gave her all this blackmail leverage. So sloppy. Paula is relieved to have dodged the blackmailing bullet.

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Recap: 3×08 “Nathaniel Needs My Help!”

Rebecca is so happy to be with him that she suggests that Nathaniel take the day off from work so they can spend it together. But Nathaniel has made reservations at a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant to take his girlfriend. Rebecca is super giddy now. Later during therapy with Dr.

The episode is largely individual friend units working together to figure out some personal problems. Most everyone matures, improves, or learns something about themselves and they all takes steps towards learning how to change.

Forgive the informality, but Jesus fucking Christ, this is an uncomfortable watch. I loved it, but I am so tired. Have you ever met a person? This is a very good, if somewhat uneven, episode, but the most off-kilter episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is still top-tier stuff.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 8: Nathaniel Needs My Help!

She finally has a diagnosis. She realizes that Josh is irrelevant. She knows that she has to be messy but also take steps to move forward with her BPD. After all, even the episode titles have changed: Josh is no longer in the title.

This week, the women of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are all about keeping the men happy. She has a muralist coming on Monday to paint dolphins on the walls, so Josh needs to clean out his closet and move in with Hector and his mom by Monday. Josh gets off to a slow start, fondling every memento and getting lost in memories. He stays up all night singing every song. She gives him a generous deadline and refuses to listen to excuses. In the end, he realizes that his mom has a point, and that makes him realize that Rebecca has helped him grow as well.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Nathaniel Needs My Help!”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back and serving up a hot plate of reality with a side of eggs.. The best part, though? Josh is irrelevant, and is not mentioned in the episode title for the second time in a row and the second time ever! If we take the episode titles as an indication of how Rebecca views her life, this is definitely progress. Our resolution for Rebecca is an episode title featuring only her — we desperately want her to see herself as the star of her own life. Really frustrated, in fact, because her fully-adult son will not leave her house.

Jan 5, - r/crazyexgirlfriend: Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is a successful, driven, and possibly crazy young woman who impulsively gives up  Crazy Ex Rewatch & “Nathaniel Needs My Help!” and.

Paula and Rebecca both let out their inner obsessive meddlers. And so Rebecca Bunch does the most Rebecca Bunch thing possible and manufactures a scheme for herself. After breaking up with White Josh, Darryl is moving ahead with his plan for a baby via surrogate and egg donor. Paula immediately springs upon the egg donor book and spends the afternoon finding the best possible donor. In the end, Paula decides on a single, perfect candidate, the only donor in the book who fits her exacting criteria of things, like not being a smoker and having even dimples on both sides.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3×08 Review (Nathaniel Needs My Help!)


Nathaniel Needs My Help!






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