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When you receive a new friend request from Facebook, a little red flag appears over the Friends icon in the big blue bar on top of each page. You may also be notified in your e-mail or on your phone. The number in the red flag indicates how many Friend Requests are waiting for you. To accept the Friend Request, click the Confirm button.

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What the Tech? Deleting Facebook Friend Requests from People You Don’t Know

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Did some gorgeous model send you a friend request on Facebook? You search your memory but can't remember the person who wants to add you as a friend. Are they for real or is this a fake friend request?

Be suspicious; the person may be after information that you don't want to share with a stranger. You may receive fake Facebook friend requests for any number of reasons — some harmless, some malicious. Types of people who send fake or malicious friend requests include:. Be on the lookout for clues that a friend request might not be genuine.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if the friend request might be from a fake profile:. Next time you receive a random friend request, ask yourself these questions and use your answers to determine whether you have just spotted a fake friend request. When in doubt, the best action is not to accept the request. Tweet Share Email. Scammers : Scammers create fake Facebook profiles and request to be your friend to gain access to personal information that you restrict to "friends only.

Malicious linkers : You may receive friend requests from attackers who post malicious links to malware or phishing sites that end up in your Facebook newsfeed after you accept the friend request. Catfishers : As the MTV television show " Catfished " has shown repeatedly, the person behind that alluring profile picture may look nothing like the picture. They may send out random friend requests to huge numbers of people before finding a willing victim.

Ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend : If a relationship ends badly and you unfriend the person, you may think your ex is out of your circle of Facebook friends. They keep up with what you are up to without you knowing your ex on the other side of the screen. Current wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend : If your spouse or significant other is testing your fidelity in an unscrupulous manner, they may resort to creating a false profile with an attractive profile picture to test you by seeing if you respond to suggestive posts or chats.

Your spouse could record this information with the intent of using it against you later. Private investigators : Private investigators can use false profile friend requests to learn more information about you — the kind of information that you normally restrict from public view and reserve for friends only. Do you know the requester or have any friends in common?

If your answer is "no," you have your first clue. If you can't recall meeting the person in real life or meeting through any mutual friends, then the friend request may have been sent to you under false pretenses. Check the person's friends list if it's viewable and click the mutual list to see anyone you both know. Check with your mutual friends to see if they know the person.

Is the friend request from an attractive person? A guy who gets a random friend request from a beautiful woman he doesn't know should suspect a ruse. The same holds true for the ladies. A friend request with a picture of an attractive person posing provocatively is the bait often used by people who create fake friend requests.

Does the request come from a person with a limited Facebook history? If according to their Facebook timeline, the person joined Facebook a short time ago, this is a clue that the friend request is bogus. Most legitimate Facebook users have a long history on their timeline dating back several years. Fake profiles are often created hastily, and most profiles indicate when the person joined Facebook.

If the requesters Facebook account and timeline were created 12 days ago, then the person is most likely trying to scam you. Does the person have an unusually small or large number of friends and are they all the same gender? The reason? They have likely spent little effort setting up the fake profile, or they shotgunned a ton of friend requests out and received a ton of responses.

Another clue is the gender of those on their friends' list. Depending on who the person behind the fake profile is targeting, you will likely see friends that are predominantly of the opposite gender of the requester since that is likely who the person is targeting with the fake friend requests.

If the request is from a lady targeting men, expect almost all men in the friends' list, instead of a mix of men and women like you would expect from a real person.

Is there little personal content on their timeline? You likely won't see a lot of day-to-day activity on a fake profile because of the effort required to generate "real" content. You may see some pictures, perhaps some links, but you probably won't see a lot of location check-ins or status updates. This may or may not be true for scammers of the catfishing type, as they may spend a lot of time and effort making their online persona seem as real as possible.

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Facebook Friend Requests and Difficult Facebook Friends

We all like friends but from a business point of view having more Facebook friends can be a real benefit. I have friends and counting. The nice thing about this is that I get at least 2 or 3 friends request per day as they see me on their friends profile and wonder who I am.

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A great question that arose recently when a good friend sent me a Facebook request. Since I was already Facebook friends with him, I knew it was a fake Facebook request. This is a fake Facebook friend request where the scammer is posing as a friend of mine. How do I report and block a scammer who has sent me a fake Facebook request from a friend who I am already friends with? You absolutely should care, but only if you like your privacy and security of your personal information!

How to Accept a Friend Request on Facebook

Are your Facebook friends bellyaching about having received another friend request from you? Specifically, sending you a message that reads uncannily like this one? Hi … I actually got another friend request from you yesterday … which I ignored so you may want to check your account. Hold your finger on the message until the forward button appears … then hit forward and all the people you want to forward too … I had to do the people individually. Good Luck! And then why in the world would you uncritically send this message to your Facebook friends? Account cloning happens when somebody steals your profile pictures and your name to set up a new account.

Don’t fall for the Facebook ‘2nd friend request’ hoax

Did some gorgeous model send you a friend request on Facebook? You search your memory but can't remember the person who wants to add you as a friend. Are they for real or is this a fake friend request? Be suspicious; the person may be after information that you don't want to share with a stranger.

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But it's very easy for scammers to steal your friends' Facebook identities, so even if you can trust your friends in real life, you still shouldn't trust them on Facebook. It's quite simple, really: scammers choose a given Facebook account and copy as much as they can from it, including names and photographs. The scammers then make a duplicate account in the same name. Here's what happened to Holtan:.

How to Spot a Fake Friend Request

It's that time of the year again. No, not pumpkin spice lattes or offensive Halloween costumes, it's freakout time for Facebook scams. If your Facebook timeline is like many, it's inundated with people clamoring on about not accepting strange Facebook friend requests, getting hacked and more. Over unsubstantiated fears of the Facebook friend request scam, some users are sending long Facebook messages to their friends warning not to accept unsolicited Facebook friend requests.

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How to limit random Facebook friend requests

Two common questions I get about Facebook relate to Facebook friend requests and dealing with difficult Facebook friends. Regarding friend requests, I suggest you create a set of criteria to help you determine whether to accept them. There could be times that you deviate, but if you have it, life becomes much simpler. Before I go into some possible criteria for accepting requests, I want to step back and talk about your settings. To cut down on the number of friend requests you receive, you make an adjustment in your settings.

To send someone a friend request, click Add Friend next to their profile picture. Some people might not have Add Friend next to their profile picture, depending on.

Facebook, a social networking website, is a powerful tool for any small business. Customers, employees and clients can send personal friend requests to you on Facebook. If confirmed by you as friends, they can view any status updates you make, view your pictures and navigate your personal Facebook page in full. By default, anyone can send a friend request on Facebook whether you know him or not.

How to cancel a friend request on Facebook using a computer or mobile device

Updated: August 1, References. Open the Facebook app. Search for the person you want to add. Tap the person's name.

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Many of them are fake accounts, set up by spammers and hackers trying to get some of your information. Deleted Facebook friend requests become followers meaning they can see anything and everything you post to Facebook publicly. Case in point: I deleted a friend request last week from someone I knew was posing as someone else. Their profile photo was one taken off the internet.

By changing a privacy setting, you can limit the likelihood of receiving Facebook friend requests from total strangers.

The reality is, not everyone wants to be your Facebook friend. Everyone uses Facebook differently, some accept friend requests from everyone, others want to keep work and home life separate, while some people just ignore requests altogether. Social media addicts will love the free wi-fi and broadband discounts that come with our SIM-only offers. Looking for a new phone for using Facebook on the go? Check out our top smartphone deals.

How to avoid fake Facebook friend requests

Our distributed team and remote working technologies allow us to remain fully operational during this challenging time. Rest assured that ReputationDefender continues to work at full capacity to meet your online reputation and digital privacy needs. It seems as though nearly everyone has been on the receiving end of some kind of email or click-based scam. This article will explore a few of the ways that Facebook has been exploited by scammers and cybercriminals in recent years, largely by preying on the trust that people tend to exhibit in this online arena. Facebook has a uniquely social quality that makes it particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

While Facebook has become a popular social media tool to connect with people, there are times when you send out friend requests by accident. Fortunately, you can easily cancel friend requests before individuals accept or reject your requests. Log into your Facebook account on a browser on a Mac or PC. Locate and click on the icon that looks like silhouette of two individuals in the upper-right corner of the page.

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