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How to get more friends on wechat

A picture illustration shows a WeChat app icon in Beijing, December 5, WeChat is amazing. I use the popular instant messaging service provided by Tencent every day because it satisfies almost all my needs: information, entertainment, and of course, social networking. My WeChat friends include not only acquaintances. Of my nearly friends, one-third are strangers, whom I happened to link up with through other people because of shared interests, such as stock trading, marathon running or news analysis. That was why one day when I got a request from someone with a poetic name and a photo showing a young beautiful woman to add her as a friend, I just clicked "add" without giving a second thought.

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How to Discover and Add Unknown Friends on WeChat

With around million monthly active users, WeChat is an outstanding marketing tool for brands in China. An official WeChat account is a great way to get closer to customers, build a database and collect feedback for branding or sales purposes. So, afte r registering an official WeChat account , what can you do to grow your followers? For official WeChat accounts, the first batch of followers is always your current clients and colleagues as well as their friends and family.

After your first article is published, share it on your Moments page and to relevant chat threads and groups. QR code displays are also very powerful and should be a significant part of your online identity. Include them on all marketing materials and on all channels, such as your website, your email signature, business cards, advertising, banners, brochures and any other social media platforms. You must make sure the QR code is prominently displayed so that viewers interested in your brand can scan it and follow your account.

If you have offline stores, encourage customers to follow your WeChat account with incentives such as free samples or discounts. When you have offline promotions or events, you should always encourage participants and passersby to follow your WeChat account.

For instance if you are doing a flyer campaign, make sure the QR code is printed on your flyers and offer a discount to new followers. If you are hosting an event, incorporate WeChat into your registration procedure, so instead of just collecting their business cards or names, let them join your database by becoming WeChat followers. Eye-catching and impressive headlines, such as a headline with a promise, a question or related to hot topics and buzzwords, encourage clicking.

A good WeChat article should be substantial and informative. According to recent research, You must provide content that makes the audience laugh, learn, or think while also prompting them to share it with their friends.

People love visuals. Include quality visuals, GIFs and videos in the article to support your storytelling, especially for industries like fashion, beauty or food and beverage. Getting users to interact with your posts is a significant way to boost followers.

It increases page views and account exposure among target groups. This further encourages people to follow your account and become loyal customers. Calls to action and links are important:. Readers should also be encouraged to comment on the article. Other calls to action should also be included after the article. QR codes are essential to encouraging interaction on WeChat. You should use your QR code at the end of articles. Readers click on them to follow your account.

Campaigns are great ways to engage with audiences and increase interactivity. For instance, SK-II launched an H5 campaign to promote its limited edition package inspired by ink painting. Users could win the chance to receive the new edition by creating and sharing their H5 ink paintings. When launching WeChat campaigns, remember to construct them in a smart and creative way that will positively attract followers.

Star Cruises launched a joint giveaway campaign with sasa. The biggest advantage of cross-promotion is that you can boost followers without a large budget as the cooperation model allows you to exchange resources without any monetary involvement.

However, if you are just starting out and have no followers, it may be difficult to find a brand willing to cooperate. WeChat KOLs key opinion leaders are popular accounts that have already accumulated large numbers of subscribers. The cooperation model usually requires you to prepare or confirm the content with KOLs who then publish it on their WeChat accounts to promote your brand.

These posts are usually sponsored by brands, and the price is set by the KOLs themselves, according to their number of followers or average page views. Such campaign can have positive impacts on your number of followers as well. Note that regulations for KOLs are not as stringent in mainland China as they are in some other locations in terms of declaring whether posts are sponsored so KOLs do not need to add special tags or formats to their sponsored posts to indicate this arrangement. WeChat advertising is an effective way to boost followers in the early stages.

Make sure you have built a reasonable amount of content before launching an advertising campaign. WeChat officially provides two advertising options for verified official accounts: Moments Ads and Account Ads. The lowest budget for a Moments Ad campaign is 50, RMB, and the price can fluctuate depending on the target cities and specific interest groups. Another flexible and cost-efficient option is an Account Ad.

It uses the CPC model and the bidding system starts from 0. As a super popular and highly regulated platform, WeChat provides great potential and opportunities for brand marketing in China. Understanding your audience, complying with the regulations and taking advantage of different approaches as you boost followers will turn WeChat into a strong tool that can further serve your marketing needs and build a targeted database.

To get deeper insights into Chinese social media marketing and utilizing it to serve your business, join ChoZan , a training and resources platform for Chinese social media marketers. Please follow our official WeChat account to get more updates about the latest news, feature updates and case studies.

You know that WeChat is a powerful channel to market your business and even sell your products. But what else? Some official WeChat accounts are also great sources of information….

Industry insiders even predict that WeChat…. In fact, it is not entirely so. Let's dig into…. WeChat and Line are both global leaders among instant messaging apps. Join over 10, people who receive bi-weekly China business and marketing insights. Content of this article. Use your Current Database. Display QR Codes. Use Offline Promotions and Events. Share Valuable and Emotionally Appealing Content. Encourage Interaction. Launch Diverse Campaigns.

Cross-Promote with Other Accounts. Do KOL Promotions. Invest in WeChat Advertising Read more related posts. How to Sell on WeChat? WeChat vs. WeChat v. Previous Article. Next Article. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. View more. Cookies settings.

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How do I find friends?

Bored with regular routines and looking for some friends to hangout? If you are living in China then WeChat will make that task easier for you. Searching known as well as unknot friends is easier in WeChat app.

One of the reasons why people sometimes prefer WeChat over Whatsapp or Viber is that WeChat has some interesting features that some people find convenient, fun and cool. They have a feature called Moments , a place where you can share photos, video or just a simple status update just like Facebook timeline.

WeChat is a great way to keep in touch with friends and other contacts. There are different ways you can add friends onto this app. Have a look at options specified here for WeChat 4. Wait for the friend to confirm your request.

10 Ways to Boost Followers on WeChat

WeChat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. How to add friends on WeChat? Keep reading you will find the answer. Many users told me that they tried so hard to create WeChat account. But they have no idea how to get friends or add friends on WeChat. So their account might be never getting back again. Imaging that how could you use a social media platform without any friends? The social media platform is for making friends, enjoy chatting with friends, sharing your life with friends, which help you connect with people.

Talking to beautiful strangers on WeChat is the road to ruin

With around million monthly active users, WeChat is an outstanding marketing tool for brands in China. An official WeChat account is a great way to get closer to customers, build a database and collect feedback for branding or sales purposes. So, afte r registering an official WeChat account , what can you do to grow your followers? For official WeChat accounts, the first batch of followers is always your current clients and colleagues as well as their friends and family.

What you will also quickly discover in WeChat is that you will be included in lots of big groups that, while often very useful, can be very active and leave you with hundreds of notifications if you leave your phone for 10 minutes!

Updated: September 6, Tech Tested. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account.

11 Ways to Find Friends in WeChat iPhone App

Are you an active person that hopes to make more friends with others? Do you want to add unknown friends? Here is a good news for you that it is possible to do it on WeChat now.

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WeChat is a free messaging app with calls feature which allows user to easily connect with family and friends across the globe. There are many ways to add your friends in WeChat. In this tutorial, we will list down all the 7 ways to add your friends. Align the QR code within the frame to start scanning. However, you can manually add friends by using the phone number. WeChat have a unique feature where you can look around and make friends with people nearby.

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