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How to get more snapchat friends and views

Written by Jonathan Chan. Want a heads up when a new story drops? Subscribe here. Since its humble beginnings as a photo and video sharing app in , Snapchat has exploded into one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It seems like everyone and their grandma is using Snapchat these days.



Surprising Tricks I Used To Get 4,685 SnapChat Friends In 1 Month

Updated: May 16, References. What's the ultimate goal on Snapchat? Becoming verified. To achieve that coveted status, you have to have a lot of followers… which starts with having a lot of views.

Get more views in a snap pun intended by focusing on creative content and thinking outside the app. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account.

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Promoting Yourself Outside of Snapchat. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Follow as many people as possible to get follows in return. And people are much more likely to follow you back if you follow them first. Your answer? You can find out if someone has followed you back by clicking on their Snapcode. If you can see their Snapscore the total number of Snaps they've sent and received , it means they've added you. Earn points and trophies to unlock new features.

Those points get you trophies which can grant you access to all sorts of cool features. You can see your trophy box if you tap on your profile picture. Different trophies have different requirements.

For example, you can earn the Ogre trophy for sending 1, Snaps taken with the front-facing camera. Collaborate with an influencer for a shoutout or a takeover. Asking someone well-known in your sphere to promote your own brand or account puts you in front of all of their followers, who are often similar to your own audience. Send them an instant message, a private Snap, or see if they have a website with their contact information.

Let them know what kind of partnership you'd like and what's in it for them. Influencers are in high demand so be prepared to pay for any partnership. If you have a large following already over 1, , however, you might be able to trade a shoutout for a shoutout. For instance, you could send a message to a fashion blogger that looks something like: "Hi Karen!

I'm a huge fan of your work and I know a lot of my followers are, too. With New York Fashion Week coming up, I would love to have you take over my account and do a Snapchat story while you're there, following all the behind-the-scenes action. It would be great exposure for you to be in front of my 1, followers, and I will promote the takeover on my own blog and social media, as well. Let me know if you're interested and I hope we can collaborate. Get featured in a Snapchat Live Story to have your Snap shared publicly.

This is essentially a compilation of Snaps from people who are attending the event. To enter your Snap to a Live Story, record your Snap, then press the blue arrow as if you were going to post it to your own story. The average audience for a Live Story is 10 to 20 million people. Method 2 of Snap consistently at least once a day so you're at the top of feeds. A Snapchat feed is arranged chronologically, which means the most recent stories get pushed right to the top.

No one wants to see 20 puppy dog filter selfies of you, no matter how cute you look. Mix it up and get creative with filters and doodles. A major faux pas is sending Snaps from your story as private snaps to followers, so they're seeing the same thing twice. It's a quick way to lose fans Post Snaps that people want to share, like memes or funny videos. Now that Snapchat allows you to share stories, you can easily boost your views by creating content that people want to send to their friends.

Some examples of shareable Snaps include: elaborate artwork or designs drawn using the paint tool in Snapchat, funny pranks you pull on your friends or strangers, or Snaps from the point of view of your pet. Relatable memes are also an almost guaranteed share. Get creative with filters, text, doodles, emojis, and stickers to add interest. A selfie of you and your cat can get a lot more interesting with a face swap filter and oversized emojis. The wackier your Snaps are, the more people want to watch them.

Snapchat now lets you add GIFs to your Snaps, too. After you take a Snap, tap the Stickers icon on your screen, then tap the Giphy icon. Choose the GIF of your choice and place it where you'd like on your Snap. You can even use 2 filters at once. Swipe left to add the first filter like normal. Then, hold the screen down with one finger and swipe left again to add the second filter. This is what shows in the thumbnail on people's feeds so a fun one will increase the chances someone will tap on it.

Keep Snaps to 5 seconds or less to keep viewers interested. People have really short attention spans. They want quick clips and pictures they can tap through. Set your timer on each Snap to a maximum of 5 seconds to prevent yourself from posting something too long. Method 3 of Share your username and Snapcode on other social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Musical. A Snapcode is like a QR code for Snapchat - you simply scan the image with your phone to automatically follow that person.

Make your Instagram bio link your Snapchat link. Create and maintain a profile on the Ghostcodes app to find followers. Ghostcodes is an app that lets you search for Snapchat users based on interests like photography or make-up. When you find someone you want to follow and who will hopefully follow you in return , you can download their Snapcode to your camera roll and upload it in Snapchat.

To increase your ranking in the directory, give other people kudos or download their Snapcodes. Ask your friends to follow you by sending them your Snapcode.

Nothing beats old-fashioned word of mouth. Take it one step further by asking your friends to share your stories. Then all of their friends will be able to view your story, too.

Offer to share their story in return. Say something like, "Hey, if you share my story, I'll share yours and we'll both get more followers. We could even go viral! Turn your Snaps into permanent posts on other social media and blogs. If you have a Snap you love, don't let it die on Snapchat in 24 hours.

It's a great opportunity to get a little publicity for your account by downloading it to your phone's camera roll and posting it elsewhere online. For example, tweet that funny video you took of your cat or upload that selfie of you and your favorite fashion blogger to Instagram.

Include your Snapcode in the caption so people know how to find your account. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Hosting a competition or giveaway with an influencer can also get a lot of views. After all, everyone loves free stuff! And if the influencer is a brand ambassador or has a partnership with a company, you can get prizes for free to give away. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Related wikiHows.

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Snapchat Friends: There are more than million users who use Snapchat daily who create 3 billion snaps daily. Much surprising as it may sound, but at the same time, the community faces a hard time to grow their audience. This gap is due to the absence of suggested user lists or discovery features as are present on sites like Instagram or Twitter.

The platform that everyone loves to hate. But the truth is, Snapchat is an invaluable tool for growing just about any business or personal brand.

We can all agree that nothing is quite as fun as snapping silly pictures and cool moments to your friends. Snapchat has made it possible for friendships to become even closer. Instead of Tweeting or writing on a Facebook wall, you can Snap pictures and videos in real time to stay updated with each other. The app is a jack of many trades when it comes to friendships, branding, news, and more. Unlike other social networks, Snapchat doesn't have a database to easily look up other users.

15 Clever Ways to Get More Snapchat Friends

Those who are completely obsessed with it, and those who have absolutely no idea what all the fuss is about. But Snapchat has come a long way since then. While the app is still based around sending and receiving ephemeral and impermanent photos, videos, and messages, it has a lot more to offer in According to data collected by Omnicore :. Considering the relatively passive way many people use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, this active engagement is a huge plus. Another benefit of using Snapchat to promote your ecommerce brand is that it allows you to experiment, be creative, and have fun with your following. As is probably clear by now, Snapchat is not exactly your standard social media platform. Whereas, for example, using Facebook or Twitter requires you to fit a certain mold when creating a post, brands are pretty much expected to break the mold and think outside the box when using Snapchat. Additionally, this notion of creativity can be shared with - and expanded upon by - your Snapchat audience in a number of ways.

13 Killer Ways To Get More Views On Snapchat

Sadly for Snapchat, the organic search feature is not readily available. It, therefore, means that it can be stressful and a little frustrating to discover others. But there is a magical stone. It also happens to your profile pic on Snapchat.

Snapchat, the instant-photo sharing site, connects people through the picture-based stories that unfold on their mobile devices.

Views on Snapchat can be very valuable for your brand. Snapchat has an average of million users per day , and these users create 3 billion snaps daily. In other words, this social network channel has a larger audience than Twitter, which has million daily users. Another reason Snapchat is worth some of your marketing dollars is that so many young people use it.

How to Get Your First 1,000 Snapchat Followers in 30 Days

I have a few surprising tricks you can apply daily to get SnapChat friends and gain awareness to your amazing Brand Business, Music, Etc. I think this is 1 reason why my new SnapChat has grown so fast. If you are a brand music artist or business you understand that brand awareness is vital!

More than million people on average use Snapchat everyday. Without suggested user lists or the more robust discovery features you find on sites like Instagram or Twitter, Snapchat friends have to connect in different ways. From cracking Snapcodes to creating snappy content, these 15 strategies will show you how to get more Snapchat followers in a snap. Bonus: Download a free guide that reveals the steps to create custom Snapchat geofilters and lenses, plus tips on how to use them to promote your business. Your Snapchat marketing strategy should include:.

How To Get More Snapchat Followers and Friends In 2020

Updated: May 16, References. What's the ultimate goal on Snapchat? Becoming verified. To achieve that coveted status, you have to have a lot of followers… which starts with having a lot of views. Get more views in a snap pun intended by focusing on creative content and thinking outside the app. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

May 31, - If you're looking for ways to get more views on Snapchat, this post is for Random snaps of how your day has been may appeal to your friends.


7 Powerful Tactics To Get More Views and Followers on Snapchat


10 Ways to Get More Snapchat Friends for Your Business






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