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Makeup hacks every girl needs to know

Being a girl is hard. Which is why your beauty routine should be as easy as possible. After you have applied your lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust translucent powder over the tissue. A warmed eyelash curler will work way better than a room temperature one. You could also stick it between your thighs if you're sitting or use a little heat from a hair dryer for a few seconds if you're in a hurry.


41 Life-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Have In Her Arsenal

I have very early memories of sitting on my moms vanity watching her get ready in the mornings. Talk about a full circle moment. She plays in the bathroom which at 2 looks more like grabbing everything in sight while I get ready for the day. Some of my very first memories surround it. I was the girl braiding everyones hair for volleyball tournaments—no joke, there was a line. When I combined my love of beauty and helping—this blog was born. I share all my tips and hacks a lot of them are beauty related but not all on a Tuesday.

So many of these tricks have come from the sheer necessity on my part, and others were requests for you guys. Having said that, I know a lot of you guys are readers, so I thought it would be valuable to write my top beauty tips and tricks in one place.

That way, you can bookmark this and reference back to it at any point. How to get mascara off your lids: The first thing you want to do when you get mascara on your eyelids is nothing! Yes, you read that correctly, nothing. Fight the urge to immediately wipe it away, and let the mascara completely dry before you do anything. Once the mascara has dried, grab a spoolie looks kind of like mascara and can usually be found on the opposite of a brow pencil and gently flake away the mascara. If you wait until the mascara has dried, this works like a dream!

Use a clear brow gel or mascara and apply right on the hair you want to tame. The tiny wand allows you to be super precise in your application and acts as a little magic wand. I also like to do this on my side-burns lol.

How to avoid sunglass lines on your nose: You guys requested this one like crazy! I did a lot of experimenting to discover this hack. Take a translucent powder on a damp beauty blender the powder being translucent is key and apply it to the sides of your nose where the sunglasses will be sitting.

Then, apply the same powder with your finger onto the nose pieces of the sunglasses or whichever part will be touching your nose depending on the sunglass design. How to do your blush like a supermodel: I learned this from watching tons of supermodels do their makeup. Simply apply your blush I like to use cream for this trick to the apples of your cheeks and carry the excess onto the bridge of your nose. Easy and flattering eyeshadow in 30 seconds: This is one of my favorite tricks in the book.

I like to use my bronzer as eyeshadow. It will work with any bronzer you have this is my current favorite. I just use a big fluffy brush and dust it in my crease, easy as that. How to create an elongated eye shape without using liner: Take a small fluffy brush I like this one and flick your shadow out to the side. This draws the eyes outward and gives the prettiest shape!

If you want to amp it up a bit, take the warm medium brown shadow under your eye on the lash line as well. Once you reach the edge, bring it up to meet the shadow on the top. I like to do this on my more natural days to create a bigger, pretty eye shape! I see a lot of people apply mascara immediately after using this primer but I do it differently. I like to wait for about seconds before applying my mascara to allow the primer to get a little tacky and really do its job best. The powder will act as a barrier between your lashes and skin to help avoid the fall out.

How to make your lips look bigger: There are tons of tips here, I recently did a full tutorial on my IG stories. I do have filler, but this works on any size and shape lips I did it before I had anything and it worked great.

Slightly over line your lips, mostly in the center. The key here is to focus on the center of the bottom lip and the cupids bow. Over lining the middle only and then following your natural lip line on the outside helps keeps things looking natural. Then, apply your lipstick and a slightly lighter nude on the center to make them really pop. If you want to take it up another notch, add a gloss! How to fill in your brows the best way: Before filling in your brows, brush the hairs down to see where your arch is and where you want to be.

Go ahead and fill in where the arch should be before you brush the hairs up. Then, when you brush the hairs back up, they lay on top of where you filled them in and it looks super natural. Beauty Consider this your bible for beauty hacks. Cancel reply. Love your tips! Could You tell us more about lip Fillers?

This is a great post, thanks for curating all of your tips here in one Place! Seriously struggling with my eye brows lately, can you do a tutorial on those Next?

21 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

I have very early memories of sitting on my moms vanity watching her get ready in the mornings. Talk about a full circle moment. She plays in the bathroom which at 2 looks more like grabbing everything in sight while I get ready for the day.

So down below, I found some great hacks from other bloggers who found some awesome ideas. And I especially love giving you guys the link to the list I found them from.

Every girl needs some tricks and tips to help her look her best and stay beautiful and attractive. So, scroll through these beauty hacks and learn some valuable and useful insider tips! Blackheads are a nightmare for any women. Here is an easy homemade method to get rid of blackheads with plastic food wrap. For the detailed treatment and tutorial, check out via Tiny Health Blog.

8 Brilliant Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Smudged nails and frizzy strands , begone! Click through the slideshow above to see 21 genius beauty hacks we guarantee will change your beauty routine for the better! Out of shaving cream? Make any nail color look more vibrant by starting with a base coat of white polish. It will make the color pop! Are your locks looking lifeless and dull? Look to your pantry for the answer—coconut oil makes an amazing hair mask. Click here for even more ways to use this miracle oil.

Crazy (But Effective) Hot Weather Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

Summer is all about having fun outside with your friends, enjoying the gorgeous weather whenever you get the chance. The same way that baby powder can act as a dry shampoo in a pinch to absorb excess oil, it works wonders at the beach. Yes, it may seem odd to add more powder to your mess — but it works, trust us. The safest way to tan is to avoid the sun altogether, but using self-tanner means that sometimes there will be mistakes. To remove any streaky or overly orange patches on your skin, mix together baking soda and a bit of water to create a paste.

Here are the 22 tips and tricks you need to know.


17 Life-changing Makeup Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know



22 Surprising Hair and Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know


From filling in your brows to perfecting and defining your cupid's bow, we're sharing 35 makeup hacks (including a number of lip makeup hacks, eye makeup.


20+ Great DIY Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know







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