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Man kills wife and daughter in houston

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Man pleads guilty to killing pregnant wife, daughters

Police: Houston-area ex-pastor killed wife, son and himself

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Multiple media reports described the crimes as honor killings. Ali Irsan was born to a father in the Jordanian Army. Irsan, using a student visa, came to the United States in , [5] and became a naturalized United States citizen. He stated in court filings that he studied in a medical program at a tertiary institution in Jordan, and he also stated that he had a Houston Community College "diploma of auto -mechanic".

Irsan, then 22, married his first wife when she was His first wife left the house shortly after he married his second wife. Alidam was an Iraqi immigrant to the U. To their surprise, Irsan allowed Nadia and Nesreen to enroll in a tertiary institution, [18] a biology program at Lone Star College-Montgomery. Candace Strang, a professor at Lone Star who taught the women stated that, as paraphrased by Malislow in a Houston Press article, Nadia and Nesreen "fought hard to convince their father to let them enroll".

She studied biology in Tehran and later attended university in Budapest , Hungary , before moving to Houston in to join her parents, who bought a house near Uptown Houston the area around the Houston Galleria so she could live there; [22] this residence was within the Woodway Point townhomes, and an area street would become the site of her death.

Bagherzadeh publicly protested in favor of women's rights on numerous occasions [8] and criticized the Iranian government. Lomi Kriel of the Houston Chronicle wrote that "she was outspokenly critical of Islam, even becoming embroiled in an argument with her father's bosses about their faith.

Nesreen and Coty Beavers became romantically involved in secret after meeting in while enrolled at Lone Star-Montgomery. According to court testimony, Irsan threatened the girls with death if they engaged in romantic relationships, and also stated he would kill their boyfriends if that were ever the case. Irsan learned about Nesreen's relationship to Beavers while he was in Jordan.

In June Alrawabdeh held her against her will at Irsan's residence; Nesreen accused Nadia of also holding her against her will. Nesreen stated she was afraid that her father would harm her. He remained unaware of the location of her residence. Circa July , Nesreen married Coty Beavers, [26] taking the name Nesreen Irsan Beavers, [8] and only holding a civil ceremony to avoid getting unwanted attention, [28] doing so at the Harris County Courthouse.

Whenever Nesreen left the apartment to travel to and from work, Beavers escorted her to protect her. He also had an assault rifle in case he needed to use self-defense. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle Nesreen stated that historically law enforcement in the Houston area had difficulty with honor crimes because they did not understand the culture and the rammifications for violating honor codes.

Nesreen told authorities that Irsan had committed fraud related to Social Security. He also possessed multiple false credit cards, some under false names and some in the names of family members. A group of police, with the FBI leading, [10] arrested Irsan, Alrawabdeh, and Nadia on May 22, , [33] accusing them of offenses related to fraud perpetrated against the social security system.

Marshals Service. Six of Irsan's children who were still minors were put in the custody of child protective services CPS. On April 3, , Irsan pleaded guilty, [37] to "conspiracy to defraud the United States", while Alrawabdeh and Nadia were convicted of "making false statements". The arrests and prosecutions were not covered in the Jordanian news media. Bagherzadeh was murdered while in her father's car, [22] outside of her parents' residence on January 15, Bagherzadeh was driving from the residence of her boyfriend Cory Beavers to her parents' residence, [41] while talking on the telephone with a former boyfriend.

Craig Malisow of the Houston Press described the award as "record-high". Crimestoppers history. Coty Beavers was murdered at his residence at the Legacy Park apartments, [30] on November 12, He had entered the apartment while it was unlocked and stayed inside while Beavers was with Nesreen; Beavers went with her to her car, [6] before she drove away to her workplace, [46] around A.

Irsan was in hiding inside a bedroom before he killed his victim, [6] 28 at the time of his death, [2] with five or more bullets. I mean he was that specific about it. I told [the police officers] it was Ali Irsan, and he also had to be the one who killed Gelareh.

Prosecutors of the Harris County government stated that Nesreen's conversion and marrying a Christian man motivated the father to commit the murders. The family would kill her to clean their honor. By March those charges were dismissed, but the Harris County authorities stated they would file additional charges. Irsan's lawyers stated that he had no connection to either murder and the circumstances of the murders were not known.

The federal government continued to hold Irsan, Alrawabdeh, and Nadia while Harris County prosecutors announced new criminal charges in Prosecutors can file murder charges against her if they find she helped plan any murders, due to the rule of parties statutes. In the meantime Krocker chose house arrest since Nadia had been accused of stalking. After state criminal charges were announced, an anonymous person stating to be one of the children of Irsan created a petition stating that "racial prejudice and discrimination" had victimized the family.

Irsan's capital murder trial began on June 25, The normal venue for state felony cases, the Harris County Criminal Courthouse in Downtown, had sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey in , and the post-storm restoration was not yet complete.

The prosecutors sought the death penalty against Irsan, making it the first death penalty prosecution in Houston in , [58] and also the first death penalty case during the tenure of Kim Ogg, the Harris County district attorney since January 1, Anna Emmons, Marie Primm, and Jon Stephenson were appointed special prosecutors, [2] since Ogg's first assistant, prior to the beginning of the murder trial, [58] represented a suspected co-conspirator in another case; Ogg recused.

Nesreen testified against her father, [59] as did Cory Beavers, who lost his twin brother and girlfriend, [26] and McCormick, who lost her son. Alrawabdeh was to be released with time served after the end of the trial. Arabic translators translated testimony from people who lacked English fluency. Even though his lawyers asked him not to, [60] Irsan testified in his own trial. Irsan was declared guilty on July 26, The jurors came to this conclusion after 35 minutes of deliberation.

In the punishment phase, which lasted two weeks, the jury deliberated between two possible outcomes for a capital murder conviction under Texas law: life without parole or the death penalty.

On Tuesday, August 14, , Irsan received a death sentence. His head and beard were shaved due to TDCJ policy. In August Nasim Irsan, already in correctional custody for more than four years, reached a plea deal: he pleaded guilty to murder instead of capital murder and received a year sentence, with time off for time already served.

In November prosecutors filed a charge of conspiracy to commit murder against Nadia, with the potential sentencing range, if convicted, from 15 years to life imprisonment. She refused a potential plea deal which involved the stalking charge being dropped. Marie Primm, who served as the prosecutor pro tem , stated that this filing was not due to the addition of new facts, but rather due to where "the evidence took us.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott wrote on Twitter that people who commit honor killings in Texas would be sentenced to death. Brian Rogers of the Houston Chronicle stated that experts considered the case to be unusual because usually only the offending woman is killed in an honor killing, and that the Irsan affair increased attention given to honor killings in the United States.

These are not infrequent events that happen in some random part of the world. Nesreen suggested that law enforcement allow potential victims of honor killings to change their identities to avoid being tracked down by vengeful family members.

The case was covered in the episode "Deadly Dishonor" in season two of the television program A Wedding and a Murder. Dateline NBC also had a two hour long episode airing in November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jordanian-American convicted murderer on death row. Biography portal Texas portal Jordan portal Iran portal. Retrieved on September 9, Houston Chronicle. Retrieved Associated Press at Time. The Courier of Montgomery County.

Houston Press. The Courier Conroe. The Dallas Morning News. May Department of Justice. May 23, Ali, responding to questions from [U. Magistrate Judge Nancy Johnson], said he was divorced, not legally married in the U. Arab Times. Associated Press at Texas Public Radio.

A Wedding and a Murder. ABC News. The Courier. They moved to an out of the way apartment complex in northwest Harris County. Cypress Creek Mirror. GEO Group. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. July 6, April 3, January 17, Retrieved on September 11, Archived from the original on

Man faces capital murder charge in deaths of wife, daughter

After an uneventful evening at the business, Mr. Diaz left the business sometime after pm. Diaz left in his vehicle and traveled east on Mill Stream Lane, a residential street, going to his home. It was then that at least two suspects approached Mr.

AP — The family of a Kansas inmate who hanged herself at a rural county jail has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit that alleges incompetence by law enforcement officials, ROSS, Pa.

Richard James Logan appeared on social media to be a jovial man who spent time with his family and gave back to the community through his nonprofit, Attack Poverty. The organization connects people with jobs, education, medical care and spiritual outlets in underserved communities as far away as Uganda. Logan frequently posted about Attack Poverty initiatives — fundraisers, playground development projects, the grand opening of a home goods store — on Facebook and Twitter. Photos of his smiling wife, Diana Logan, and their children speckled his public Facebook feed.

Houston man killed in front of daughter as he greeted her at door, police say

Executed February 7, p. They had been choked to death. Jackson had left a note admitting the murders and later confessed to police. He asked the same question of the other girl when she returned home to the apartment, and also choked her to death even though she told him she loved him and wanted him to stay in her life. Jackson placed both girls in their beds and then strangled their mother when she returned home and spurned his advances and attempts at reconciliation. Jackson had earlier served 5 years of a 10 year sentence for injury to elderly person, and was paroled in March Citations: Jackson v.

Man accused of killing knife-wielding wife and daughter; claims self-defense

Man who claimed he k Michael Ratliff was convicted of multiple capital murders for the death of his wife, year-old Latoya Ratliff, and their daughter, year-old Ariel, at their home in the block of Alkay Street. Your city or ZIP code. News Break App.

A former Texas pastor shot and killed his wife and year-old son before assaulting his daughter and taking his own life, according to police.

Executed September 14, p. A policy already existed for her 7-year-old son, Alton. At the time, the Newtons were having marital problems.

Sheriff: 2 adults, child dead in possible murder-suicide

Multiple media reports described the crimes as honor killings. Ali Irsan was born to a father in the Jordanian Army. Irsan, using a student visa, came to the United States in , [5] and became a naturalized United States citizen.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Megyn Kelly Roundtable: Colorado Man’s Shocking Confession To Killing His Family - Megyn Kelly TODAY

He then drove about miles to San Marcos, where his adult daughter attends college, and attempted to strangle her, police said. The former pastor founded Attack Poverty, a nonprofit that connects people with jobs, education, medical care and spiritual outlets in underserved communities. We are cooperating with investigators and waiting for more information as we try to process this loss with our staff, volunteers and community. Please keep the Attack Poverty staff and all involved in your prayers. All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Houston police have arrested a man they say shot and killed his wife and daughter at the family's home back in June — and tried to convince investigators he acted in self-defense. Michael Ratliff, 43, faces a capital murder charge for the slayings, police said. After police responded to the shootings just before 3 a. His daughter, year-old Ariel Ratliff, died at the scene.

Ali Mahmood Awad Irsan is a Jordanian-American convicted murderer held on Texas death row. He was sentenced for the murders of Iranian-American activist and Christian-convert Gelareh Bagherzadeh (Persian: گلاره باقرزاده‎), a friend of one of his daughters; and his son-in-law, Coty Beavers, in Greater Houston. Irsan, then 22, married his first wife when she was

He then drove about miles kilometers to San Marcos, where his adult daughter attends college, and attempted to strangle her, police said. Police at the scene recovered the same gun used to kill Logan's wife and son. Police didn't immediately know what connection, if any, Logan had with the business. The former pastor founded Attack Poverty, a nonprofit that connects people with jobs, education, medical care and spiritual outlets in underserved communities.

Man charged with murder of Houston woman who was shot, stabbed

Then, police believe Logan drove to San Marcos, where he physically assaulted his daughter. He said the daughter had bruising around her neck. The daughter did not report the physical assault to the police, officials said.

Sugar Land man killed wife and son, assaulted daughter before suicide, police say






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