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Meet gay guys in nyc

New York City is known far and wide as a gay mecca, and it certainly lives up to that reputation, making it one of the best places a gay man can live if he wants to date and meet a lot of gay guys. Seriously, there are gay men everywhere in NYC. There are tons of gay men in every borough and in just about every neighborhood of every borough in the city. To be more specific, there are tons of gay men in every neighborhood in NYC, as long as that neighborhood is remotely hip. Through your normal daily life you will meet all the gay men you could possibly ever want to meet.

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Gay Men: 7 Places to Find Your Next Boyfriend That Are Not in a Bar

Why he's a great catch: "I am an ambassador of fun, and if I were a meal, I'd be a spicy starter of romance, followed by a second course of resourcefulness served over a bed of creativity. Animals, kids, fairies and unicorns adore me, and in turn I have a lot of love to give.

His ideal match: "A puckish, maniacal partner in crime, who can get down with Burning Man, and has a healthy appetite for food, drink, humor and life. I want a strong character to match my own and a man who's not afraid of glitter. He's crazy-passionate about: "Making art and all forms of self-expression. I think some of the best art one can make is simply the life they choose to live.

A fun secret about him: "I wrote Jimmy Carter a fan letter when I was in grade school. Ask him out: E-mail aaron tonypersonals. Karaoke divo Andrew, 28; actor and waiter; Sunnyside, Queens.

Why he's a great catch: "I'm a loyal, compassionate friend who's willing to take risks. I'm funny as hell, full of energy, clever and super-motivated to succeed. His ideal match: "Someone I can grab a beer with, who will play some Xbox, take in a show and help keep me grounded.

I like down-to-earth guys who love to laugh, have a cute smile and stay pretty active. He's crazy-passionate about: "Karaokefor me it's a competitive sport. I love all kinds of music, and improv comedy and theater are my life, so I try to soak up as much as I can.

A fun secret about him: "The summer of my sophomore year of college, I studied abroad in Paris and completely lied to my parents about where I was.

Ask him out: E-mail andrew tonypersonals. Why he's a great catch: "I am old enough to know myself. I am an eclectic mix of nerd, adventurer and homebody. I am a bit direct at times and generally more comfortable in a bar than a dance club.

His ideal match: "An ambitious, smart and sexy man who is able to see the fun in any situation and is unafraid to enjoy himself. Honesty also counts for a lot. He's crazy-passionate about: "Travel, my dog, my work and comic books, but not necessarily in that order. A fun secret about him: "I enjoy trashy reality television as a break from my overly intellectual, workaholic lifestyle.

Ask him out: E-mail andrew1 tonypersonals. Truly outrageous blogger Brian M. Why he's a great catch: "I'm fun, very punctual and have the first three seasons of Jem on DVD, and your mother probably already loves me. And I've never had a cavity. His ideal match: "Someone who watches his fair share of reality television and will always laugh at my jokes, even when they're bad, which they often are.

Someone with a thick skin and a deep appreciation for both summer blockbusters and fall Oscar-bait movies. Someone on the tall side who has the same shoe size as I do. I'm trying to double my shoe inventory. He's crazy-passionate about: "Eating sandwiches, reading comic books, hating flip-flops and extended dance remixes, searching for the city's best baked goods, riding bikes and flipping people the bird. Especially that last one.

A fun secret about him: "I'd really like to quit my job and work in a T-shirt store at the beach, just like my idol, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. Ask him out: E-mail brian tonypersonals. Why he's a great catch: "I live my life with consideration of others and am a strong believer in what goes around comes around. I love video games; long walks; great talks and deep, side-splitting laughs; and the outdoors, like camping, amusement parks and the beach.

He's crazy-passionate about: "My cats, traveling to exotic places, making wishes upon shooting stars and, of course, the gym. Ask him out: E-mail bryan tonypersonals. Absolutely fabulous Daniel, 32; product manager, poet and blogger; Harlem.

Why he's a great catch: "I'm very open to new experiences; I have a Trivial Pursuit--worthy base of knowledge, great manners and a damn good sense of humor; and the boys tell me I have a really nice body.

His ideal match: "It's mad important that he can make me laugh. He should also be very open to trying new things and getting out of his comfort zone. He should get the humor of Absolutely Fabulous , love sports, be dedicated to fitness, be a bit of romantic and be easy on the eyes. He's crazy-passionate about: "I really love trying new things.

Experimentation is also my approach to writing, art, cooking, sex, etc. A fun secret about him: "I was a stripper as an undergrad at NYU.

Credit card bills had to be paid! Ask him out: E-mail daniel tonypersonals. Dapper dresser Daver C. Why he's a great catch: "My sharp wit and sense of humor, infectious laugh, unwavering optimism, killer fashion sense, ability to make anyone feel comfortable and my big heart.

His ideal match: "An adventurous, ambitious, witty, compassionate dog lover who shares common interests with me in art, music like Adele and Frank Ocean , movies comedies, drama and at times a great romantic comedy. But also someone whose life is different enough that we can share and learn from each other. He's crazy-passionate about: "Music, because I believe it has the power to make anyone connect. I also love fashion because it makes us a walking piece of art each day.

A fun secret about him: "Secretly, I'm a bad boy, but at first glance you wouldn't know. Ask him out: E-mail daver tonypersonals. Single unicorn Gilbert F. He's crazy-passionate about: "I have this obsession with collecting vintage lenticular photographs of animals. I have a picture of a toy poodle that appears to breathe when you look at it, and a wall full of just birds that fly toward you when you walk by the kitchen. Before this fad, I was passionate about tacky postcards of hotel rooms and silk-screened movie posters created behind the Iron Curtain.

A fun secret about him: "I was rummaging through a box of my old artwork while visiting my folks when I came across a story that I wrote when I was six, called "The Last Unicorn. My little sister nearly peed her pants laughing when I showed her the crayon drawings, and now she texts from time to time to ask if her unicorn is still single in the city.

Ask him out: E-mail gilbert tonypersonals. Wants to be a Warbuck Joshua, 27, junior account executive, Gramercy. Why he's a great catch: "I am a nice Jewish boy who works and plays a lot, especially if it involves exploring the city to find new nooks and crannies, eating at restaurants, and going to museums, movies or the theater.

I am very into family and friends and am goal oriented, but I am also relaxed and like to go with the flowI'm willing to try anything once.

His ideal match: "Someone who's fun, employed, smart and attractive. He should be able to fit in seamlessly with my friends and like pop culture, terrible reality-TV programsand he shouldn't mind attending the theater three times a week.

He's crazy-passionate about: "NYC, since there is no other city I'd rather live in. A fun secret about him: "As a child I used to put on a clown mask with curly red hair attached and sing "Tomorrow" from Annie , which all makes sense now. Ask him out: E-mail joshua tonypersonals. Must love dogs Justin K. Why he's a great catch: "I am a good catch because I have a healthy appetite so food never gets wasted, I have a dog so I won't try to sleep over, and I am only two months behind on my child-support payments with both of my ex-wives.

His ideal match: "My ideal match would be someone who separates work and fun well, likes dogs and makes a consummate effort to go with the flow. Funny and not mean to people is also great. Attractive, single and employed are also things that would probably make things work especially well. He's crazy-passionate about: "I am passionate about cooking food and eating it with wine. If I had more money and time I would travel and eat and drink wine more often.

I also really love music, so if you hate someone singing all the time, that could get really problematic for you. I sing okay, though. Well, my mom tells me I do. A fun secret about him: "I recently tried sweetbreads for the first time I feel guilty about this. Ask him out: E-mail justin tonypersonals.

Why he's a great catch: "I come with an amazing canine companion. I'm skilled at having fun in any situation, and I see the best in peoplewell, in most people, anyway. I try to live binary free, which seems to keep my life experiences interestingly diverse. His ideal match: "Someone who is easygoing and quirky, adventurous and peaceful, intelligent and simple contradictions are hot! Someone comfortable in his own skin who allows me to be tooin my own respective skin, that is.

Someone who can make me laugh, think and feel nervous about our second date. He's crazy-passionate about: "My passions include protecting LGBTQ youth; using applied theater for social change, education and community building; exploring ideas around gender; and storytelling.

Ask him out: E-mail wil tonypersonals. Date these singles: Men seeking men. Previous Next. Your favorite "Guncle" Aaron, 44; doorman, party host and MC; Clinton Hill, Brooklyn Why he's a great catch: "I am an ambassador of fun, and if I were a meal, I'd be a spicy starter of romance, followed by a second course of resourcefulness served over a bed of creativity.

Photograph: Phyllis B. Karaoke divo Andrew, 28; actor and waiter; Sunnyside, Queens Why he's a great catch: "I'm a loyal, compassionate friend who's willing to take risks.

Where to Meet Gay Men in New York City?

It's , 35 states have legalized gay marriage, and over half of America's population support gay marriage. Being a gay man in New York City, it's easy to feel completely accepted as an equal. And then, someone says something really stupid, perhaps almost homophobic. Oh, I'm so sorry, I haven't met him. I think I must have missed him at the meeting.

Is very complicated and simple at the same time. Gays in New York are used to fuck a lot, so establishing relationships is something they don t do, unless you work and live there you can have friends after some time. Just use grindr, but i don t assure there will be something else than mere sex and that will be it.

If you are new to New York and a Gay Male looking to meet a partner here are a few places you may want to explore. The neighbourhood is primarily residential and known to be an area that is home to a large gay population. It is also known as the centre of the New York art world, with over galleries in the neighbourhood. One of the most recommended lounges in this area for gay males would be the Barracuda Lounge which is known to be a classic no attitude lounge. Barracuda draws a mellow mix and is quite laid back and friendly being a comfortable casual place for everyone.

Meet gays in New York

Are you tired of the "same-old" scene? Put simply, Guy Social is a group of fun-loving, discerning Gay guys seeking alternatives to the nightlife scene and hook-up apps to meet like-minded guys. We love to have fun just like the next guy Now log off your computer, stash your apps Needs a location. It's literally one of our all time favorite shows, and we're sure it's also many of yours, too. It's very easy to do, just follow these steps: 1. Come back here Saturday at pm, before the show airs at 7pm, and click this link to enter our party. Sit back and enjoy the show.

single gay guy - New York City Forum

I love giving advice on how to develop romantic relations between gay men. You are a gay man who has been single far too long. I keep going week after week and no luck. Will it happen tonight? Oh crap, is that a pimple?

You might consider events or activities in the Chelsea area or in and around Christopher Street in the Village. For a historical prospective, you might tip your hat in the direction of Stonewall, a bar and dance club at 53 Christopher Street.

In the spirit of gay rights , I bravely squeezed into my tightest pants, chapsticked my lips, and dragged my whiskey sour-drinking ass to as many self-identifying queer bars as one lightweight gay boy can. I wanted to make going out easier for you, dear queer, by ruling out the spots with watery well drinks, exorbitant cover charges, and predatory creeps. Also impressive? Williamsburg Late-night dancing on a quiet Brooklyn street In a neighborhood once dominated by Metropolitan , The Rosemont sprouted as a trendier alternative for Brooklynites to get their freak on.

How to Meet Gay Guys in NYC

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Our online Big Gay Trivia Night party is a great way to get people together for a night of fun, conversations and learning during all the craziness. Our Trivia contests are so entertaining because we make the questions easy and enjoyable for everyone. Speed dating has never been more fun! We will make introductions, go on one-on-one dates then mingle with everyone with a fun game and have real conversation about dating. This event is exclusively for guests in their 20s and 30s see our other speed dating events for other ages and themes. Book Now.

The best gay hook-up spots in NYC

Tully , Onondaga County , New York. I'm Anderson, nice and God fearing man who seek for love and understanding person. I like metal Astronomy guitar Steve johnson I like God Apple blue Here visiting to have some fun and promoting my show. Are you a bottom?

Mar 4, - I think I must have missed him at the meeting. Yeah, us gay guys in New York meet up every Friday at Elmo to discuss who's new and who's.

New York City is the most populated city in the United States, and at the same time, it can be a very lonely place. But, what happens when these men find themselves craving meaningful connections with other men in the big city? Where does one find the people they can open up to and form lifelong bonds with?

Be Queer Right Here at NYC’s Best LGBTQ Bars

Why he's a great catch: "I am an ambassador of fun, and if I were a meal, I'd be a spicy starter of romance, followed by a second course of resourcefulness served over a bed of creativity. Animals, kids, fairies and unicorns adore me, and in turn I have a lot of love to give. His ideal match: "A puckish, maniacal partner in crime, who can get down with Burning Man, and has a healthy appetite for food, drink, humor and life. I want a strong character to match my own and a man who's not afraid of glitter.

Date these singles: Men seeking men






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