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Wet look short hair tutorial

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But after seeing slicked-back ponytails and wet-look hairstyles at literally every single red carpet this year what up, Bella Hadid! The boots and eyebrow art will still be forever untouchable, though. So we sent a panicked plea to hairstylist and magic maker Kristin Ess, asking how normal human beings can recreate the seemingly untouchable look at home. And the hairspray! What about the hairspray!?

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Easy Wet Hairstyles You Can Wear All Day

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Gel gives hair the appearance of being wet because the gel contains large amounts of water and holds it in the hair. Different portions of short or long hair can be combed to look wet and sleek. The wet shiny nature of gels adds a cool note to sleek hairstyles. The sleek look is particularly well suited for the creation of elegant or festive hairstyles.

Only hair gel or wax is needed to create the wet look. Simply spread hair gel or wax over your fingertips to apply the gel to your dry hair. Start with a small amount of gel and add more as needed. Then comb the hair and apply hairspray. Briefly use a blow-dryer to set the gel, which will slightly harden as the shine intensifies. If you prefer a softer glow and hold you may want to apply a mixture of hair gel and wax to your dry hair.

You can create wet look variations whether your hair is long or short. Usually, short hair is completely covered with gel while only portions of long hair are styled to look wet and sleek. If your hairstyle includes a parting be sure to create a straight parting with the help of a styling comb.

Please accept cookie policy Learn More. Sleek Short Hair: Comb your freshly shampooed short hair close to your scalp using a brush or comb. Then apply the gel as described above. The Sleek Ponytail: Distribute gel on the crown of your head before gathering your hair in a tautly bound ponytail.

The Faux Bob : Apply gel to your medium-long hair from the roots to the ends and comb it straight. After gathering your hair in a ponytail, pull the scrunchy down to the end of the ponytail. Turn the end of the ponytail under and secure it with hair clips or slides. Undone Ponytail and Smooth Side Parting: After creating a side parting, use gel to comb back the fringes or the hair above your forehead.

No gel is applied to the remaining hair, which is gathered into a casual ponytail. Partially Gel-Treated Hair: Moisten the straight or straightened hair next to your scalp before combing it down in an austere fashion with the help of gel or gel wax. Use hairspray for additional shine and hold. In this wet look variation, you can comb your hair behind the ear or allow it to flow straight down.

Wet Looking Semi-Updo: You may like to turn partially gel-treated hair into a semi-updo. Simply apply gel to the top and sides of your hair and gather your hair into a banana or chignon.

Video: How to Style a Mock Undercut. Discover: Stylingwax Hairgel Sleek. Hairmousse Styling Products. Hairgel Gel Hairstyles. Short hair Styling Short Hair. Hairgel Styling Gel This article contains a gallery. Sleek Milan Fashion Week Chic hairstyle Alluring Hair Style This article contains a gallery. Articles 0 results. Products 0 results.

Slicked back

The style has transitioned from the runway to real life, but how do you pull it off? Follow these steps and add a bold lipstick to make wet-look totally wearable Soaked hair will be too slippery to sculpt, so slightly-damp locks are a must. If you want that fresh-out-of-the-shower finish, use fingers to tease strands away from your face. Shape your wet-look style to fit your bone structure.

Gel gives hair the appearance of being wet because the gel contains large amounts of water and holds it in the hair. Different portions of short or long hair can be combed to look wet and sleek.

Slick strands have made a considerable splash on runways this fall, inspiring us to recreate these fresh-from-the-shower styles. Learn how to master the wet look with our personalized guides based on your specific hair type. Check out the easy-to-follow steps for achieving intense glossiness that lasts. Products: Bumble and bumble.

Top 10 Wet Look Hairstyles for Women

Break convention with your short hairstyle. Swap your straight look for a sultry slick style and become the queen of swept back short hair. Achieve slicked back perfection with the ghd styling kit. Shake up your bob hairstyle by creating a sleek style with a difference. Follow this how-to guide and become a short hair stylista with slicked back appeal. Select the products you need to recreate the look at home, with Shop the Look. The simple way to shop and style like a ghd Pro. Apply volume foam to roots. Blow-dry hair away from face.

On trend: the wet-look short bob

The greatest advantage of this look is that it can be incorporated into any hair type, from messy curls to thinner, slicked-back hair. Creating wetness requires working in a little bit of a product such as mousse or pomade before combing washed hair into place. For an easy wet look, try massaging in some hair gel all the way down to your roots. Finish by using your fingers or a comb to create the shape you want. Keep in mind, though, that some gels can give you a hard, flattened look, which may not be great for fine or short hair.

She wore her lob in a tangle of wet sexiness onstage with Jay, leaving us to wonder how to re-create the look. For those brave enough to work it, wet-look hair is easier than you may think.

First of all, keep in mind that the sleek wet or wet look hairstyle works with all cuts. For an optimal wet effect, wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that will boost your shine. Comb out your locks thoroughly, then dry them. This hairstyle is easier to do with a smooth base, but you can also leave light natural waves in your hair if you prefer.

On trend: the wet-look short bob

Some of these looks might even be enough to make you hang up your straightener right along with your hair dryer. Remember also that wet hair needs a wet-look make up. So, prepare your illuminators, lip gloss and, maybe, glossy eye-shadow? The bob is a timeless cut that looks quite fetching when left damp and gently tousled.

Sashaying down the AW19 runways at Haider Ackermann, Burberry and Fashion East and appearing on red carpets everywhere Margot Robbie, Allison Williams and Vanessa Kirby we're looking at you , wet look hair is officially the high fashion 'do to be working on your next night out out. Frankly, if Kaia Gerber's working wet look finger waves, we want to work wet look finger waves. To the untrained eye it might look like you've just stepped out of the shower, but there's actually way more to styling wet look hair than you might think. Is it just water or does that dry? How do you keep it looking wet all day? Is gel back??

How To Style Wet Look Hair For Curls, According To Anthony Nader

The Wet Look has become a massive hair trend on social media during the first half of , particularly on YouTube. Recently, everybody with some sort of curl or wave to their hair has been trying it out. Business in the front, party in the back! NaturalNeiicey pictured shows how it looks paired with a glossy glow — think lounging at the poolside in the sun, looking effortlessly bronzed. Initially, I thought that this would only work for wavy or curly textured hair — so not for me! Whilst I do have some curls and waves, the majority of my strands are of the kinky-curly variety. However, a video by Janae Mason inspired me to give it a go for myself. Her curl pattern is similar to mine and her results were pretty good.

Dec 12, - The wet look transforms a sweet and simple cut into something bold and stylish. Short tresses work well with this hair trend, not only because.

The wet-look hairstyle is having quite the moment. Lo have donned the smooth, sculpted style. But the celebs who are responsible for turning the look into a full-fledged craze are Kim Kardashian West and the Hadid sisters.

Wet Look for Short Hair: How to Create This Easy Hairstyle

The wet-look trend is being carried through into winter to reinvent your short bob. So, are you ready to try out this highly on-trend hairstyle? Opting for a short bob is great. Putting a twist on it with the wet look, one of the knockout effects of the season , is even better!

How to Master the Wet-Look Hair Trend With Just One Product

We all have days when everything just goes by in a rush. There are times when you wake up in the morning and you barely have time to do all your preps, including hairstyling. On a day like this, what you need is an easy and quick hairstyle like the wet look for short hair. You can style your hair right after you shower and towel dry your hair.

If you often leave home with wet hair , fresh out of the shower, why not adopt the hottest hair trend of the season and look stylish while allowing your tresses to air-dry?


Hairstyle: how to get the sleek wet look in 5 simple steps



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