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Where to meet gay guys in bangkok

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Gay Bangkok is epic, crazy and busy every night, all year round. Bangkok has developed a reputation as the capital of gay Asia… Read More. Everything about the destination makes it a paradise for gay party people. Bangkok maintains its crown as the capital of gay Asia. The weather is hot and sticky all year round, the traffic is crazy yet the people still come. International visitors flock to Bangkok for the food, culture, temples, shopping and its affordability.



Gay Guy first time in Bangkok - Bangkok Forum

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Practically the definition of a hot mess. Crowds of thronging people and a confusing but delightful mix of traditions meeting modernism. Wonderful food that is quite literally heaven in our mouth. The weather is great too! Thailand is famous for being one of the most gay friendly countries in Asia , with the capital city of Bangkok its beating heart. The gay scene here is thriving, with so many gay bars, clubs, hotels, massage parlours, restaurants and more — largely centred in Silom.

We love the gay scene of Bangkok and definitely rank it as one of our favourite in the world. We also love that no matter how many times we come to Bangkok, it's always a culture shock, from the food to the hectic polluted traffic — to give you an idea, you MUST try going in a tuk-tuk — the little rickshaws that you see in movies.

They are absolutely bonkers and a great way to really get out to see what the city has to offer! This is our comprehensive gay guide to Bangkok based on our many trips here.

We've highlighted the best gay friendly hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, things to do, and more. The gay scene of Bangkok can be quite overwhelming especially for first-timers.

If you feel nervous going out by yourself, we strongly recommend this guided nighttime tour! That way you'll have a local guide and some new gay friends to experience all the best gay bars and clubs in the city.

Find out more. Oh, it's very safe! Bangkok is frequently rated as one of the most gay friendly cities in Asia due to its inclusivity and safety. We've been to Bangkok many times and have never had hassle from any of the locals for being gay.

Thai people are seriously friendly. They have a genuine interest in what is going on in your life. We also found that due to their varied and vibrant culture, they tend not to be judgmental. Which is fantastic! We have quite a few friends in Bangkok who are adamant that their lives are on a parallel with gay lives in London. Naturally, if you're visiting any big city in the world there are still dangers like pickpocketing to watch out for. For Bangkok, we recommend the obvious common-sense awareness which you would apply to say London, Paris, Barcelona, Sydney or New York.

This is the easiest way to ensure you'll have unlimited internet access during your travels plus you'll even be able to connect multiple devices like your phone and tablet. Silom is a street in Bangkok with a less than glamorous beginning, starting off as part of a dyke and irrigation system in the s. Fast forward to the present where it is now the pulsing heart of the bustling gay district of Bangkok.

If you are looking for more of a drink and a chat with friends, the alley known as Silom Soi 4 is where you want to head as it's packed with gay bars with large outdoor terraces like Telephone , Balcony and Stranger Bar. We love it here. There's always something happening, every day of the week! Would we really be welcome, or would there be judgment? Thankfully in all cases when travelling through Bangkok, these were all just the nagging worries of divas.

We never had any problems booking a double bed in any of the hotels we stayed at in Bangkok. We summarise our favourite gay hotels to stay in Bangkok below:. Ever wanted to rub elbows with fashionistas? Maybe you wanted to ogle at the male fitness models who are looking to crash in hotels. Do you like the sound of being surrounded by the wonderfully weird and chic? Then the W Bangkok is where you need to be at. Being so close to the gay street, Silom 4, on North Sathorn Road, we knew that we needed to try this place out.

When we checked in, the first thing we saw was a tall man wearing this outrageous yellow peacock outfit so we knew we'd fit in! One of the things that we love is the free drink offers for men on Wednesday nights between 7. The perfect excuse to treat yourself! We met the guy who helped get this off of the ground: he told us how thrilled he is with how successful this event has become, and how vital this has been to harbour a sense of community amongst LGBTQ guests.

But even if that's not really your style, this gay friendly hotel itself is like a beautiful piece of art! Think minimalist mixed with wild and extraordinary colours. It reminded us a little of a catholic jock with a mischievous side… the best kind of guy! Mostly cool white, black and grey, then suddenly there is an ultra-modern piece of art that was a riot of colour. Honestly, it crossed our minds when we saw our rooms that it was almost too pretty to sleep in.

Emphasis on almost! Aside from their astounding beauty, the rooms are also really comfortable. In our experience, a lot of the very pretty places trade comfort for looks but the W Bangkok is not one of those places. The facilities are also amazing. It has all the usual things that can be expected in a modern hotel though the limousine service is a nice added bonus but then it also has a magnificent spa. Oh my god, this spa was something else altogether! There was a very real danger that most of our vacation was going to be spent in the spa.

It was split between four different zones and each zone is artfully designed to give the best experience. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. The Banyan Tree Bangkok oozes class and sophistication. With it being only 15 mins walk away from Silom 4 and 2, this is a great base of operations for you to really indulge in the gay nightlife that Bangkok has to offer.

Just make sure you start your night off with a drink in the amazing rooftop bar! The gay friendly hotel is very modern but there are still nods to its Asiatic roots here and there.

In our room, there was a dividing door made of a dark wood that showed seriously cool pieces of Thai history in the panels. But this is all blended together into a wonderful soup. Everything fits together. It is a welcome break from the bustling streets of Bangkok. Our favourite was the cooking classes where they showed us how to make some basic curries…though we may have bitten off more than we could chew because when we were liberal with the spices, it was hot!

Though commonly used for wedding vows and anniversaries, Thai monks offer general blessings too. There is something so authentic about it. We were taken to a nearby temple for the occasion. It was something we'll never forget! You could feel the reverence from the moment you walk in — from the beautiful hymns to the calming smell of the different smokes used by the monks. This was not something that we were expecting when we arrived, so we were thrilled to have experienced this!

Luxurious without being gauche, it provides the comforts of elegant modern life but it has not forgotten its Asiatic roots. Every room has a really cool theme — water, earth, wood and metal. Each theme reflects the spiritual needs of your travelling soul, promising you sanctuary from your busy life and journeys. The gay friendly staff made us feel so welcome when we arrived.

There was absolutely no issue of us holding hands and the receptionist treated us the same as though we were a straight couple — it's a real breath of fresh air whenever we get that experience and one of many reasons why we keep returning to Thailand! Naturally, we had a concierge take our luggage up to our room — when we saw the view, our jaws dropped… it was stunning!

Spread below us was a pretty impressive view of the messy urban jungle that is Bangkok! It's one of our favourite places in Bangkok for a romantic cocktail whilst taking in the views of Bangkok's skyline. Simply breath-taking! At just a mere minute walk from the hotel to the pulsating heart of the gay scene, this is a great way to start off the evening.

Though not an exclusively gay hotel, Hotel Indigo still offers a fantastic experience for those who want a stylish and comfortable stay without breaking the bank. The modern and eclectic art throughout the hotel was a real highlight for us. Indigo is famous for its in-house restaurant called Char. The food is sublime, and the drinks a delicious delight. The service is honestly top-notch as well.

It feels authentic and we never felt like we were a burden on the staff. The Metro Restaurant on the ground floor also does an amazing breakfast to get you ready for a busy day of exploring the city.

The rooftop infinity pool offers incredible views of the city while you relax or do some laps. There's also a rooftop bar where you can watch the sunset while having a romantic cocktail with your love. If you like your accommodation with lots of bright colours and quirky decor, you will love the Indigo Hotel. It was all we could do not to climb into the bright yellow rickshaw on display in the lobby and ride away! Not really interested in the frills and extras?

No problem! This hostel is located directly on Silom Road and is minutes away from all the gay action of Silom Soi 4. It's both cost-effective and very gay friendly.

Gay Thailand – How to meet Gay guys

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I will be in Bangkok by myself for 5 days in Feburary,. I went with my partner and we are not big party animals either. We spent one night on one street where there were several bars.

If you live in Bangkok you can meet gay Thais anywhere, this post is about everything related to gay Thailand. I live in a quiet area, far from the tourist scene with no gay Thai bars, nightclubs or saunas. Nevertheless, I have been propositioned in a local restaurant, in a local Starbucks in Bangkok, and on several occasions on the street. It depends how good your gaydar is.

Gay Bangkok: travel guide to Bangkok’s best gay bars, clubs and hotels

Practically the definition of a hot mess. Crowds of thronging people and a confusing but delightful mix of traditions meeting modernism. Wonderful food that is quite literally heaven in our mouth. The weather is great too! Thailand is famous for being one of the most gay friendly countries in Asia , with the capital city of Bangkok its beating heart. The gay scene here is thriving, with so many gay bars, clubs, hotels, massage parlours, restaurants and more — largely centred in Silom. We love the gay scene of Bangkok and definitely rank it as one of our favourite in the world.

Here’s how to get the most out of gay Bangkok in 48 hours

For many gay travellers in Thailand, Bangkok is but a quick blip before heading to cities like Chiang Mai or one of the many islands including Phuket. But Bangkok is as complex and intriguing as any city of its size approximately 8. This gay resort is most popular with gay tourists and a great way to meet and fuck other travellers, although you will find some locals there too. The hotel also doubles up as a kind of bathhouse, with two dry saunas, two steam rooms and a communal hot tub — saying it gets frisky would be an understatement.

Bangkok is the ultimate Asian gay capital and a well accepted part of the Thai culture so it makes a safe happy country for both gay and bi visitors.


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