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Skip to content. After teasing her neighbors for spending too much time on their phones, Nirmala Guragain checks out her sister's iPhone, as she dozes nearby with her son. Night has fallen inky black and cold over Amar Basti village, but Kalpana Thapa and her neighbors are loath to drift off to bed. They punch at their phones, pull shawls tighter and coo at the children careening around.

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“Our Time to Sing and Play”

Skip to content. After teasing her neighbors for spending too much time on their phones, Nirmala Guragain checks out her sister's iPhone, as she dozes nearby with her son. Night has fallen inky black and cold over Amar Basti village, but Kalpana Thapa and her neighbors are loath to drift off to bed. They punch at their phones, pull shawls tighter and coo at the children careening around.

Her hair is pulled back, and faint lines stretch from her eyes. Now at meetings, women outnumber men. With men working abroad, Nepal's communities are giving women power they never had before — though at a cost. Over an early morning breakfast by the fire, Kalpana Thapa chides her year-old son, Dipesh, for dying the tips of his hair.

Next to her sits Nirmala Guragain, whose husband Shiva has worked in Malaysia, Bahrain and Qatar on and off since and hopes to soon find a job in the United Arab Emirates.

Each day, thousands of Nepalis migrate. Working abroad can be risky, even fatal, but for the approximately 3 million Nepalese employed overseas it represents a singular shot at a better life for them and their families. Remittances are money sent by a foreign worker back into his or her home country. Pumped into small villages like Amar Basti, where residents relied solely on sustenance agriculture, the money has been transformative.

While an increasing number of migrant workers are women, the vast majority are men — many with wives and children. Despite the loneliness, despite the potential clashes with in-laws and neighbors, it can be better for women to have husbands who live far away than ones who simply cannot provide.

Traditionally, women leave their home villages upon marriage and move in with their in-laws. The men make most financial decisions, run the farms, hire laborers. With their husbands gone, however, women in places like Amar Basti have had no choice but to take on these roles. Everybody was complaining. In the local agriculture investment group here, 16 out of 20 board members are women.

Traditionally barred from participating in funeral rites at all, women now often lead the sacred rituals, according to Thapa. In Amar Basti, mass migration has altered the area both physically and socially. Forty years ago, this speck of a village at the southeast corner of Nepal was forestland. The houses were made of mud and thatch and wood, the roads were little more than rutted trailways. And then, in the s, labor migration to the Gulf States began in earnest and everything changed rapidly.

Now Amar Basti is neatly manicured, dotted with concrete homes, electric lines and motorcycles. In one way or another, nearly everything in Amar Basti is paid for by men working abroad. Such improvements come at a steep cost. The work can be risky and exploitative. Stories of middlemen taking money and vanishing are not uncommon, nor are tales of bosses absconding with salaries.

Migrant workers have been beaten on the job, blocked from coming home, arrested and even killed — situations so common they make the local news nearly every day. Overseas workers typically return every two to three years, at the end of their contracts. While working-age men are hardly a scarce sight in Amar Basti, there is often a sense of impermanence to their presence. Except for a handful of husbands trying to build up businesses at home, men in the village intend to return abroad.

There is simply no way to get by otherwise. Abroad, he can send home double that amount. A tall year-old with an easy laugh, Guragain keeps her adored 6-year-old close by at all times. She fears what the future may bring for him. They invested the money in a plot of land, in their home, and in the education of their year-old son, Dipesh.

Dipesh, meanwhile, is happy to keep his options open. With any luck, though, he will finish his training to become a lab technician in a few years, and his father will be able to return home. Until then, Thapa will be the head of the family, the decision maker, the entrepreneur.

Pragati Shahi is a senior environment writer with Onwardnepal. The World is a public radio program that crosses borders and time zones to bring home the stories that matter.

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In Nepal, young girls are being married off simply so they can eat

The State Affairs and Good Governance Committee of the House of Representatives is divided on whether or not to end the provision granting naturalised citizenship to foreign women married to Nepali men immediately after marriage by introducing a waiting period of seven years in the bill. Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal lawmaker Laxman Lal Karna, also a senior advocate, said some people were citing the case of Indian citizenship Act to argue in favour of introducing a seven-year waiting period, but in India there was no provision of citizenship as such. He said even foreign men married to Nepali women should be entitled to Nepali citizenship if they live in Nepal with their spouses. Tripathi said the new citizenship bill should not incorporate burdensome provisions on citizenship. He said if gender equality had to be maintained, then foreign men marrying Nepali women should also get naturalised Nepali citizenship immediately as is the case with foreign women married to Nepali men.

Weddings in Nepal are momentous occasions which are often planned years in advance of the wedding itself. In line with other festivals in Nepal, weddings are colourful and beautiful events.

It took only a few days to find a bride. In March, several days before his mother died, Rajesh exchanged vows — with a year-old girl he did not know. Five of his siblings — all married as teenagers — smiled and congratulated him. They saw no reason to question the moment.

Getting married in Nepal to a Nepalese girl need information

Thirty-seven percent of girls in Nepal marry before age 18 and 10 percent are married by age 15, in spite of the fact that the minimum age of marriage under Nepali law is 20 years of age. Boys also often marry young in Nepal, though in lower numbers than girls. In interviewing dozens of children and young people, Human Rights Watch learned that these marriages result from a web of factors including poverty, lack of access to education, child labor, social pressures, and harmful practices. Cutting across all of these is entrenched gender inequality, and damaging social norms that make girls less valued than boys in Nepali society. In some areas of the country, families marry girls at ages as young as one and half years old. Usually it refers to a situation where the two spouses have decided themselves to get married, sometimes over the opposition of one or both of their families. Although different from arranged marriages, love marriages among children are often triggered by the same social and economic factors. The consequences of child marriage amongst those we interviewed are deeply harmful.

As World Makes Gains Against Child Marriage, Nepal Struggles to Catch Up

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Please note that Nepali marriage law and procedure can be complicated. We recommend that you consult an attorney or other expert with specific questions. For the latest information regarding registration of your marriage, please contact the District Court in Kathmandu, telephone no. This affidavit is available at the U.

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We will never sell or swap your data and we promise to keep it safe and secure in accordance with our privacy policy. VSO-led research, as part of the One Community One Family OCOF project, reveals the difficulties of everyday life for many girls and women in Nepal - but also shines a light on the changing attitudes of the younger generation. In Nepal, violence against women is reaching epidemic proportions.

Marriage Visa

Whenever a single man enters the exciting world of online dating, a lot of questions arise. Should one look for a match somewhere in his vicinity? Or should he explore more exotic options? The first one sounds uninteresting, while the second one appears to be a competitive market.

Wayne and Farida had to go through three weeks of excruciatingly complex legal processes just to get married, even though they had all the documents they thought were necessary to apply for a marriage certificate. Turns out, foreigners are not spared either, as the first foreign couple to register their marriage in Nepal would readily agree. A rental agreement for tourists was something neither they nor their Nepali legal team had heard of. Nor could Farida easily get an Australian visa. Now a rental agreement for tourists was something neither they nor their Nepali legal team had heard of before.

A world without men? When men go abroad to work, women in Nepal take the lead at home.

Two died. Kamala married at age She attended school to class three but then dropped out. So I left school to work. Three years later, she had developed a chronic condition in her hands as a result of the work, so her parents told her to leave that job. Kamala feared her father, who had developed a drinking problem, would send her somewhere else to work that could be more dangerous.

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Visit our new interactive Atlas! Median ages for first marriage are lowest in Provinces 2, 5 and 6. According to UNICEF, Nepal has the 17th highest prevalence rate of child marriage in the world and the 17th highest absolute number of child brides — , A World Bank study estimates that ending child marriage in Nepal could see a Child marriage is driven by gender inequality and the belief that women and girls are somehow inferior to men and boys.

The Unexplored Appeal of Nepali Brides







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